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Do you plan to travel to Sweden or perhaps Finland? Are you worried that you might have issues on communicating with citizens there because you do not know the Swedish language? You should not fret over this because there are plenty of websites that could help you speak the language. Besides, traveling to Sweden is not the only reason why people want to learn Swedish. It could be that they are genuinely interested in the language. Sometimes, it also happens that their special someone like a fiancé is Swedish and they want to surprise them by learning the language.

The website of Stockholm School of Economics will prove to be of great help to people who are studying Swedish. The said language has a rich history and therefore has different variations or dialects all over the world. However, the version used in the televisions and radio shows is the one that was given focus here. It has a guide on the pronunciation of Swedish and all its unusual sound that you will encounter once you get to know the language.

The said site also contains the basics in language learning. Before you go to the complicated pronunciations of the words, you must learn first the basic rules in forming a sentence and the common words used in everyday life. It shows how you will introduce yourself and the personal pronouns that you can use. Moreover, it must not be forgotten that this site has the audio feature so you can listen to how the words are pronounced. After all, how you say the word sometimes differ to how it is spelled and the English speaking community will be confused when they encounter words as such.

The Folkets Lexicon site on the other hand is an English-Swedish dictionary that you can download. With this, you can always check the Swedish counterpart of an English word anywhere you are as long as you have your tablet with you.

If you are going to travel to Swedish speaking places, then the website of Loecsen – Language courses will help you. Aside from Swedish, it contains other information on other languages as well. It is great when you are planning to travel around the world. It has the mp3 and pdf format of the basic expressions used in daily living. The mp3 and pdf format makes it ideal for traveling because of its portability. Almost all people have a cellular phone now or some electronic gadget that can store and recognize the said format of files. With this, you can store the files on your Android phone and listen to it anytime you want.

The BYKI or Before You Know It website offers free Swedish language course. All you have to do is fill in some information. After that, you can now download the file that will help you learn the Swedish language. The BYKI boasts its different approach in helping you learn Swedish and the other languages. It is common for other tutorial courses to teach the grammar and the sentence construction. There is nothing wrong with that. However, the situation of adults that are only starting to learn a new language is different. It would be easier if you will learn first a bunch of vocabulary that will help you form a sentence and the grammar comes in later.